The Secret to Choosing Decorative Accessories for Your Living Room

It’s incredible how the smallest changes in decor can impact you and your room in such a positive way. Adding the right decorative accessories for living room spaces such as throw pillows, candles, and wall decor will do just that. According to recent studies, decorating your home has numerous psychological benefits. Decorating with accessories now has […]

Decorating With Mirrors: 3 Stylish Ways to Adorn Your Home With Mirrors

Some of the items we choose to decorate our homes with are functional, while others are more fashionable. And then there are some items, such as mirrors, which no home should be without. You might consider that mirrors are more in the functional category. We need them to check our appearance and make sure there’s […]

4 Types of Bar Glasses You Should Have at Your Home Bar

Glassware is for snobs, or is it? The sort of glass you use alters the flavour of the cocktail. Cocktail recipes feature precise measurements. The glass chosen to cradle the drink modifies how much fits in and how it sits. Your home bar needs more than an extensive gin collection. You also need four types of bar […]

Kitchen Lighting Ideas That Will Brighten Up Your Kitchen

Food is more important than many of us often give it credit for. That’s why the kitchen is at the centre of many home designs. Feng Shui principles emphasise the kitchen as being one of the most important rooms in the home. Without thoughtful illumination, your kitchen will fail to shine as the essential room it is. The […]

How to Decorate a Small Living Room: Your Ultimate Guide

Did you finally make that long-awaited move to the big city? There are tons of pros to city-life, like convenience and entertainment options. But there’s also one big con – living space. You’re probably settling for a smaller home with tighter rooms. Making the most of your space without it looking cramped and cluttered is […]

4 Great Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

A home seemingly never provides enough space; no matter the size, clutter seems to find a way in! People living in small homes and flats find this especially true. Here are 5 marvelous storage ideas for small spaces to help eliminate the clutter! 1. Utilize Wall Space Think Functionally! Functional art is artwork that also provides a […]