6 Ways to Hang Fairy Lights Around Your Home

No matter how large or small the space, we are always looking for that little extra touch of sparkle and glam. Nothing says warmth and love live here like strategically placed fairy lights.

Fairy lights as home décor have been called the pumpkin spiced latte of lights because they add that little something to any space. When you are stuck on what to do with yours, discover how to bring that warmth and spicy goodness into your home with fairy lights right here with these six brilliantly sparkling ideas.

Types of Fairy Lights

There are two kinds of fairy lights. There are the kinds that you can plug into outlets, and the battery operated kinds.

The electric kind is great and certainly long-lasting. You can also usually get more length in electrical lights than battery operated ones.

But you are somewhat limited with what you can decorate when sticking to electric lights.

Fairy lights that are battery operated open up a whole new world of sparkle and warmth. Get creative with how you tuck the battery operated light pack. It can be taped to walls or hidden underneath a lovely centerpiece.

There is no one kind of light that is better, it just depends on what you want to decorate. Now let’s look at 6 unique creative ways to use them now that you have this whole world of light options opening up to you.

Fairy Lights in Photos

Fairy lights are not just for Christmas anymore. You can put fairy lights to show off artwork, or even around some of your favorite photos.

That photo bookshelf you have or wall of fame with all of your beloveds will pop just a little bit more with the right fairy lights. You can even clip photos to a strand of fairy lights that you have hung on its own for a smashing display.

Spell Words With Lights

One décor trend that is very popular is painting words and quotes on the wall. To take that tip up a notch, use fairy lights.

You can spell an entire word like “Love” using fairy lights. Keep it simple and sweet, and strategically placed such as on a wall or bookshelf. Shapes like hearts with fairy lights are also very unique and eye-catching.

Ceiling Lights

Taping fairy lights to the ceiling and then crisscrossing them adds a unique sparkle to any room. With this tip, you give that room the added touch of starlit heaven.

It’s a great way to brighten a dark room, as well. Put the strands close together for that added effect.


Mirrors are a wonderful way to open up any space and make it seem larger.

Draping fairy lights around the mirrors give the rooms in your home that extra glam effect.

You don’t need to install expensive lighting for that celebrity look. Just wrap the edges of your mirrors with fairy lights, and you have an instant sparkle and the illusion of more space in a room.


Gone are the days of using fireplaces for just one thing. Net the fairy lights in the bottom of your fireplace around a candle display.

It’s the life hack you didn’t know you needed.

You can decorate the mantle of a fireplace with fairy lights as well, all year long. But using them inside the fireplace as lighting in place of fire is quite romantic and eye-catching.


Centerpieces are always eye-catching on their own. But when you add the right touch of glam with a little fairy sparkle you give that table a little more pow.

This is the type of thing that battery operated fairy lights were made for! Take your dinner parties or even your weekday dinners up a notch with some beautiful fairy lights.

Express Yourself

When it comes to using fairy lights, the only limit is your imagination. Be creative and put them in spaces your guests or family will not expect.

Show off accomplishments like photos and trophies with fairy lights. Add warmth to any room with fairy lights in the fireplace or favorite centerpiece. Discover more tips for decorating on a budget for any space and learn you don’t need to be a celebrity to feel like one.

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