How to Effectively Use Garden Mirrors

Gardens help improve the aesthetic value of residential properties when well cared-for. One of the ways you can create an entirely new dimension in your garden is by using a mirror.

As an interior design element, mirrors can make small spaces look bigger than their actual size. Outdoors, garden mirrors work well when your yard has plenty of plants growing.

You may consider getting garden mirrors if your garden is small or lies in balconies and roof terraces.

Mirrors can help to help reflect light in dull areas and can increase the sense of space of the garden when used in the following ways:

Glue Garden Mirrors on Your Fence

The fence can be an ideal place to mount a garden mirror especially if it is close to your garden area. You should always factor in the plants that you’ll be reflecting.

Ensure the garden mirror points exactly to your outdoor plants and portrays them to be larger than their actual size.

Install the Mirrors Next to Your Outdoor Dining Space

Outdoor garden mirrors can help create an amazing ambience in your outdoor dining area. You can also count on them to magnify the soft glow of lanterns or candles at the dinner table.

Use mirrors made of plastic or polished metal to achieve a unique look.

Use Broken Mirror Pieces to Create a Mirrored Mosaic Wall

Achieving a mirrored mosaic look in your garden wall requires creativity. You’ll need to break an outside mirror into small pieces and glue them up to the wall when wearing protective gloves.

You have the freedom of glueing these pieces in any pattern you like.

Cover Your Garden Wall in Small Circular Mirrors

Small circular mirrors may create a window garden in your backyard when mounted on an outdoor wall. Though mounting these mirrors may take time, it’s definitely worth trying if you’re trying to decorate your garden.

Consider mounting them vertically against your garden walls to create height or horizontally to create length. The mirrors also help you create an illusion of space around your yard.

Strategically Position Gazing Balls in the Garden

Also known as gazing globes, gazing balls are among the best decorative items for gardens.

You can use them to add flair to your garden bed and add light in shady corners.

Besides adding style to your yard, gazing balls can also attract birds when you conspicuously position them.

You can set the garden ball mirror on a globe stand or place it next to the plants.

Gazing balls also look appealing when supported by small rocks in your garden or when placed at the centre of your birdbath.

The decoration value they’ll add to your yard depends on the base you’ll use to support them. Consider placing them in visible areas to achieve your desired look.

Give Your Garden an Appealing Look Using Garden Mirrors

Garden mirrors offer households a unique way of adding a stylish flair to their outdoor living spaces. You can get them if you want to brighten up dull outdoor areas or create the illusion of a larger space.

We have a huge selection of garden mirrors to suit your colour, size and shape needs. You can check out our product portfolio to find an item that suits your garden.

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