Top 5 Dining Room Design Ideas

With the new year in full swing, now is the perfect time to spruce up your home. That includes your dining room. With the dining room being one of the top places your family gathers on a daily basis, that is the perfect place to start.

To get you started, here are five tips for your dining room redesign.

1. Switch Up Your Shades

You’d be surprised how much of a difference changing up the style and colour of your shades can provide.

Whether you want to switch your dining room with a completely new look, or just want to freshen up the area a bit, switching out your shades will prove to make a huge difference.

2. Paint Your Walls

You may have already been planning to paint your walls, but if you haven’t you’d be surprised by the change that happens when the colour of your dining room changes.

Whether you currently have bold colour and are going for something sleek and modern with a new white colour or a clean grey, the colour of your dining room can become a reflection of your personal style.

3. Display Your Dining Collections

If you have a beautiful collection of fine china or even some modern kitchen pots and pans, instead of hiding them behind your cabinetry, purchase a hutch or redesign your cabinets to highlight your dining ware.

This design offers a more open look to your dining room as well as added style dependent on your dining collection.

4. Create a Fun and Eclectic Seating Area

Rework your seating area to make a fun and funky look to your dining area.

Whether you want to create a cosy kitchen nook donned with lots of pillows and cosy chairs or create a sleek an modern dining room with a long table and minimalistic seating, make sure it is a representation of you and your family.

5. Spice it Up With Wallpaper

Nix the paint job and go a little funky with a wallpaper pattern to create a warm and inviting dining area that highlights your favourite colour scheme. Proceed with caution, however, because wallpaper may make an already small dining area look even smaller.

Final Thoughts: Be Creative With Your Dining Room Design

Every family is different, and your dining area should mirror both you and your family’s style as well as be functional. Take a look at what you currently love about your dining area and what you’d like to change.

Does it look too small? Is it boring? Do you need more functionality?

Assess everything you need, then design around your needs. if you are looking for the latest in kitchen designs that are both functional and beautiful, look to Primrose and Plum.

We have the best in quality dining room design accessories and furniture. To get started on your next kitchen design, start shopping with us.

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