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How to Choose the Right Rug Material

With so many different options available, shopping for a rug is hard work. The carpet industry is so voluminous that it will reach nearly $108 billion in the next 5 years. Many shoppers are uncertain as to what material they should purchase. Read on for a comprehensive guide to shopping for rug material. Explore the various textures […]

Flat Life: How to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

Do all of your amazing interior design ideas just take up too much room for your small space? We understand your frustrations.  Lucky for you, when done well, the proper decorating techniques can make your tiny space appear cute and cozy or even bright and airy.  Whether you are living in a dorm, a tiny house or […]

Decorating 101: Common Decorating Trends to Avoid

An average Briton spends about £36,000 on redecorating their home throughout their life. Whether you’ve recently bought a home or plan to redo your style, we can all agree that decorating is the most fun part.  Having the right decor in your home is essential in transforming your room from drab to fab. Decorating your room is an expression of your […]

Bright Ideas: How to Brighten a Dark Room

It’s not uncommon to have a dark room or two in your home. Some rooms are simply always angled away from sunlight. You may also have basement rooms or attics that naturally are out of the way of sunlight. That doesn’t mean, though, that these rooms must stay dark. There are some strategies, both large […]

Open Kitchen Shelves, Yes It’s a Thing! How to Style Your Open Kitchen Shelving

Modern design continues to be popular in houses and apartments across the country. Sparse and simple designs help utilize space. They promote a sense of cleanliness and order in households and apartments. As living spaces continue to get smaller, knowing how to maximize space (while keeping tasteful!) can be truly important. Open kitchen shelves can provide a perfect […]

Work from Home? Here’s How to Decorate Your Small Home Office for Daily Inspiration

One of the best things about working remotely from a small home office is that you can turn this space into a place of inspiration and comfort. But it can often be hard to get the balance right. Sometimes, you might find that you’re lacking for inspiration, so you need to mix things up a little to […]