Open Kitchen Shelves, Yes It’s a Thing! How to Style Your Open Kitchen Shelving

Modern design continues to be popular in houses and apartments across the country. Sparse and simple designs help utilize space. They promote a sense of cleanliness and order in households and apartments.

As living spaces continue to get smaller, knowing how to maximize space (while keeping tasteful!) can be truly important.

Open kitchen shelves can provide a perfect balance of character and storage in your home’s kitchen. They allow you to show off your favorite dishes and are more practical and affordable than closed-off cabinets. Best of all, they are easily adaptable to any kitchen, no matter the style.

Read on and we’ll walk you through how to employ this trend to great effect in your own kitchen.

The Right Materials

Shelves can be made out of a large variety of materials. You can make a sturdy and solid shelf out of any of them, which should give you the freedom to select something that matches or even adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Wood shelves are incredibly popular. As the saying goes, wood never goes out of style, and it can make a strong addition to your kitchen no matter the look. It’s sturdy but not too heavy, making it a picture-perfect choice. On top of all of that, it’s the best choice for the environment.

If you want to make your shelves a real centerpiece, you could swing for glass shelves. Some homes use glass when placing shelves over kitchen windows, so not to obstruct light or the pleasant view.

You can even pull the doors off your existing cabinets and have a makeshift open shelving system that way.

Creative Spacing

Kitchens come in many different shapes and sizes. Knowing how to work modern kitchen shelves into the space you’re working with can be a challenge.

A small amount of wall space doesn’t have to be an obstacle to shelving. Even a small corner can be home to a few short shelves. Using this area for a certain type of dish, like your expensive chinaware, can free up area elsewhere.

It can also bring a splash of colour and personality to an unused part of your kitchen.

If you have an empty crook or corner in your kitchen, consider designing shelves so that they extend across both walls. It creates a more visually interesting design and also maximizes the new space you’ll have for dishes and other items.

A Few Things To Consider

When it comes to kitchen redesign, you want to work smarter, not harder. As you add open shelving to your kitchen, make sure that you’re creating a system that will be practical and efficient.

Distribute items on your shelves close to their place of use. A shelf for mugs should be above the coffee maker, not on the opposite side of the kitchen. Keep your most heavily used items on the lower shelves for easy access, and decorative pieces higher up.

Open kitchen shelving is all about creating an aesthetic. Show off your most attractive items to the world, and hide the others away. If you’re feeling bold, keep your open-air dishes all in a particular colour palette. Spruce up open spaces on your shelving by placing small plants, collectibles, or even books.

If done right, an open shelf system can totally reinvent the look and feel of your home’s kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Shelves For Your Home

Open kitchen shelves are a new trend in home design that is coming more and more popular. With the above tips, you can make this new style work beautifully for your own kitchen, and increase practicality and efficiency in the process.

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