Decorating 101: Common Decorating Trends to Avoid

An average Briton spends about £36,000 on redecorating their home throughout their life. Whether you’ve recently bought a home or plan to redo your style, we can all agree that decorating is the most fun part. 

Having the right decor in your home is essential in transforming your room from drab to fab. Decorating your room is an expression of your personality.

But how do you know if your design ideas are out of date? Check out our list of decorating trends to avoid at all costs: 

1. Having a Bland Entryway

Your home’s entrance is the first area guests will see when they come over. Having a well-decorated entryway can awe your guests, and influence their feelings about the rest of your home.

Entryways often go ignored, making it one of the most common decorating mistakes.

Don’t be shy when decorating the entrance. Feel free to add unique textures and patterns to really impress your visitors. Having the right colours can make your home more inviting as well.

2. Overusing the Same Fabric Pattern

When you find a fabric pattern you like, you might be inclined to repeat it throughout the whole room. However, you should definitely resist succumbing to this tacky home decor habit. 

It’s better to switch up the fabric designs instead. That means having upholstery, throw pillows and curtains with different, but complementary designs.

3. Small Rugs

Decorating your home with rugs can add a lot of character to your room. But they can look out of place when they’re not the right size. 

Placing one tiny rug in the middle of a large room makes the rug look way undersized. In this case, you shouldn’t even add the rug. 

While it’s true that big rugs can be costly, the elegance they provide is worth it. If you have to go with a smaller rug, move your furniture closer to it. At least two legs of all your furniture should be placed on it. 

4. Too Much Clutter

Minimalism is key. Having too many knickknacks, vases, statues, etc. on top of shelves and tables can make your room look stuffy. Decorations can easily turn into clutter if you don’t control how much you display. 

Fortunately, you can quickly fix this issue by removing every small decoration that you have throughout the room. Replace only half or less of what you originally had.

Really go through your decorations and pick what matches with the style you’re going for–the rest of the decorations can be donated or go into storage. 

5. Wallflower Furniture

Having furniture pushed all the way against the wall is one of those decorating mistakes that almost everyone is guilty of. Instead of using your wall as a guide for furniture placement, choose a centre point in your room instead. 

For example, the centre point of your living room might be the fireplace. Arrange your furniture around that point to create a cosy feel. Don’t forget to add a table that’s accessible to all seating areas. 

Knowing What Decorating Trends to Avoid

Once you’re equipped with the knowledge of decorating trends to avoid, you won’t find yourself making any of these tacky mistakes. Decorating is exciting, but don’t lose focus on emphasising the style of your living space. 

Are you planning to decorate today? Before you do, visit our blog to learn more about how you can choose trendy accessories for your living room

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