The Secret to Choosing Decorative Accessories for Your Living Room

It’s incredible how the smallest changes in decor can impact you and your room in such a positive way. Adding the right decorative accessories for living room spaces such as throw pillows, candles, and wall decor will do just that.

According to recent studies, decorating your home has numerous psychological benefits. Decorating with accessories now has so much more meaning than aesthetics!

The problem is, choosing the wrong living room decor accessories can also negatively impact your space, causing it to feel crowded and uncomfortable. This is a nightmare if you’re considering having company over.

Knowing the right decor will freshen up the room, improve your mood, and make your living room feel very inviting for guests.

Keep on reading to learn the secrets for how you can spice up your living room with the best decorative accessories for living room decor.

Bold Drapery

There are many reasons to go with bold drapery. For starters, it’s a way to show your creative self-expression with a bold statement.

Second, by choosing bright, cheerful bold colours, it gives you another reason to smile.

You Cannot Live Without Plants

This statement is actually true. Not only do houseplants add a beautiful touch of greenery to your living room, but they also purify the air!

Houseplants also assist in breathing and help you feel cosy in your living space.

Light It up with Candles

Even if you’re not the romantic type, having candles in your living room space makes it feel intimate, inviting, and super cosy.

Play with different shapes, heights, colours, and scents to really change the overall ambience of your living room.

Get Comfortable with Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a way to add a decorative splash without too much commitment such as painting a wall or changing your drapes. Having pillows is a way to express your creativity as well as adding extra comfort and back support for your guests.

Add a Soft Rug

Having hardwood floors in your living room makes it easier to clean and can open up the living space. However, it can feel cold and uncomfortable on the feet sometimes.

By adding a soft rug to your floors, you will make it feel more comfortable, warm, and inviting. We’re not saying you need a polar bear rug, but you get the point!

Play with Colours and Textures

Playing with different colours and textures is a great way to add some spice to your living room space. Having various accessories in multiple textures keeps things interesting and can make it easy for you to switch out the decor when it’s the holiday season.

Add Some Lighting

Adding a lamp or two to your living room space can enrich the room with warmth and light. Just make sure that they’re not pointing at anyone’s head and direct them at the coffee table instead.

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