5 Expert Tips for Balancing Design in Your Home

Ever played a game of The Sims?

Even people who don’t play video games can enjoy the franchise because it fulfills the desire of designing one’s dream house. You can design your living room or kitchen with no limits.

Now imagine the fun of doing this in real life. It can be fun to design your home the way you always envisioned it.

That is exactly where the problem can lie, as well.

Balancing design is an essential aspect to consider. Don’t simply bombard a room with furniture, lights and bright shades of paint on the walls. There must be a perfect balance between each of these aspects of design.

Not sure how balancing design works? Read our guide to discover how.

Balancing Design: Height Matters

Every single detail, no matter how small, greatly matters when it comes to designing a home, and that includes the height of all your furnishings. Arranging them in a particular order will help create illusions for the eyes, which makes for a unique and outstanding design.

Ideally, we would want our tall furniture situated next to a short one. A good idea, for example, would be placing your bed or sofa next to a shelf or a small cabinet.

Mix Things Up

Have you ever been to a home where rustic designs and modern minimalist architecture blend well together? Sometimes, this contrast of styles makes for a refreshing and cosy feel.

Don’t throw out those old pieces of furniture yet. That 50-year-old rocking chair still has a place in your newly-renovated TV room. The idea might leave you a bit skeptic at first, but you will see that this kind of strategy works.

Try utilizing the psychology of colours. Play around with combinations to bring out different emotions from people coming in and out of your home.

Avoid Too Much Clutter

We’re not talking about a disorganized mess of stuff here. We are referring to the number of furniture, and other possessions you may have to lie around.

Many expert designers would stress the need for a room to have some negative space. Those precious spaces in our homes need that breathing room so to speak. This means a room should not be too stuffed.

There is Such a Thing as Too Many Ideas

The excitement of designing a home can be too overwhelming at times. We’ve all been in that situation where we want all these concepts to be present in one single space.

Limit these ideas to three to avoid them from clashing with one another. Sure, you may have a broad, eclectic taste, but narrow it down to a more concise design that will have a distinct feel to it.

A Little Colour Goes a Long Way

Even if you are a minimalist to the core, adding a few colours will make a world of difference. Doing this will help achieve a good balance in a room that will liven up this part of your home.

It does not have to be boisterous shades of yellow paint on the walls. A nice touch of added hues through the throw pillows on the couch will do fine.

The Importance of Balancing Design

For a place that we spend a huge chunk of time in, achieving interior design balance can go a long way.

But why stop with balancing design? There are more interior design techniques to master!

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