Decorating With Mirrors: 3 Stylish Ways to Adorn Your Home With Mirrors

Some of the items we choose to decorate our homes with are functional, while others are more fashionable. And then there are some items, such as mirrors, which no home should be without.

You might consider that mirrors are more in the functional category. We need them to check our appearance and make sure there’s nothing in our teeth. They also help us decide whether new clothing purchases really suit us, and are the key ingredient in the perfect mirror selfie.

But, mirrors offer us more than just a reflection. They can also be beautiful design items used to create space and add warmth. With a little creativity, mirrors can even become a show-stopping focal point in your home.

Here are three stylish ways to try decorating with mirrors in your home to reveal their full potential.

1. Leaning Floor Mirror

A full-length floor mirror makes a bold statement as a piece of furniture in its own right.

A large mirror creates the illusion of space and added light. And it’s a stunning way to bring life to a forgotten corner of your bedroom.

Plus, a bedroom mirror standing two meters tall gives you all the mirror space you could need. So, it’s the perfect place to check your look in the morning.

Another bonus with adding Scandi-style leaning mirrors to your home is that you can change their positioning without worrying about making holes in the walls.

2. Mirror Gallery Wall

When it comes to mirrors, one per room is usually the standard. But, they also work well in a gallery wall.

You could consider a display that combines different-sized mirrors with artwork. A mirror also works well as the central attraction of a gallery wall, surrounded by your choice of artwork.

Or, your gallery wall could be a wall decorated with mirrors, selected for their harmonious yet different frames, shapes, and sizes.

A wall of mirrors can work well in any room, but it will really make a great first impression in your entryway. Plus, giving guests the chance to check their appearance when they enter your home makes your hall even more welcoming.

3. Bathroom Mirror Wall

Your bathroom mirror is a must for shaving, removing makeup and brushing your teeth. And as such, almost every bathroom has a mirror over the basin for performing these daily rituals.

A mirror behind your bathtub, however, is a much more unique statement.

If you love soaking in the tub while enjoying a glass of wine then this is sure to add a touch of glamour to bath time. This look works best with a free-standing tub, but a large mirror placed above any bathtub helps create space in what is often the smallest room in your home.

Stylish Ways to Consider Decorating with Mirrors

Decorating with mirrors can be simple yet effective. Walls decorated with mirrors bring light, space, and warmth into your home. But, when positioned in unique and innovative ways, mirrors can make an empty wall or corner a show-stopping feature.

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