4 Types of Bar Glasses You Should Have at Your Home Bar

Glassware is for snobs, or is it?

The sort of glass you use alters the flavour of the cocktail. Cocktail recipes feature precise measurements. The glass chosen to cradle the drink modifies how much fits in and how it sits.

Your home bar needs more than an extensive gin collection. You also need four types of bar glasses for the complete experience.

What four types of cocktail glasses do you need? We’ll show you.

Four Types of Bar Glasses Bartenders Can’t Live Without

We discussed glass styles according to how to use the glass to make everything as simple as your syrup.

1. Short Drinks and Classics: Martini Glass

Martini glass ties itself to its eponymous cocktail, but it is quite a resourceful glass. The typical martini glass holds between three and six ounces, which makes it perfect for most of the classic recipes including short drinks.

2. Tall Mixed Drinks: Highball

Whatever your poison of choice, serve up your tall mixed drinks in a highball glass. These glasses hold between eight and 16 ounces and suit large and ice-heavy drinks well.

Why are the glasses oversized? Bartenders bring many highball drinks to life right in the glass – no shaker required.

You can also switch out the highball for a collins glass. Collins glasses are narrow in comparison, so they are useful but not for recipes that fall specifically under the highball category.

3. Champagne and Wine Drinks: Champagne Flute

Do you enjoy champagne or prosecco or even a champagne cocktail? Invest in a set of these iconic glasses.

Flutes differ from coupes or tulips because their shape maintains the fizz well. The base of the flute sends the bubbles up to the top of the glass creating a more photogenic and fizzy drink.

Mimosa lovers, in particular, need a set of flutes.

Champagne flutes aren’t best for complex or old wines because you lose the flavors for the fizz. If you have a fine champagne, then the lesser known tulip suits you best.

4. Beer, Cider, Shandy: Pint Glasses and Mugs

Stop drinking your beer from the bottle, or worse, the can. These are storage solutions – not modes of getting the most enjoyment from your brew.

As is the case with wine, beer glasses bring out the flavors in the beer and highlight characteristics lost in the tin. A mug or pint glass with a broad head sends your olfactory senses wild so you can smell and taste the beer.

Stock up on a pint glass or tulip-shaped glass to discern the ‘craft’ in craft beer.

Glassware to Make Your Drinks Shine

Perfectly crafted recipes demand the correct types of bar glasses to encourage both the deafening and subtle notes in your drink.

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