Spotlight on Side Tables

Could the side table be the most useful piece of furniture in your home?

Quietly modest, but indispensable to daily living, the side table is one our interiors heroes!  With a myriad of uses in every single room, from the obvious bedside table & coffee table to a stand alone statement piece for displaying a table lamp or precious item, it’s the piece of furniture we couldn’t live without!

Spotlight on Side Tables Primrose & Plum

Historically, this handy little surface appeared as candle stands, a place to serve tea or play cards and later some developed drawers and storage as they began to serve as writing desks or sewing tables. And so side tables continue to make life just a little bit more comfortable in modern homes and are used in very similar ways, but the wide assortment of designs available gives you the opportunity to inject your own style by playing with scale, mixing textures and alternating usage.

Whether it be a chic hairpin bedside table for all your boudoir comforts – table lamp, clock, books and magazines; a mirrored side table for it’s beautiful reflective qualities and display purposes – a place for a vase of seasonal blooms/plant or a coffee while you read; or a functional hall console for placing keys and post and tucking wellies or pet beds underneath – we all need one (or more!) in our lives!

Spotlight on Side Tables Primrose & Plum

Non-product photos taken from Pinterest