Square White Porcelain Faces Vase


For an eye-catching, contemporary accent that will enhance any interior, this striking faces vase is guaranteed not to disappoint.

Fun and quirky with simple lines, angular shaping and a wonderfully cool faces design, this vase will add a stylish flourish to any space.  Perfect to showcase your blooms to stunning effect, whether you prefer a minimalistic or more abstract decor, you can have so much fun styling this beautiful vase.

Crafted from a durable white porcelain with two handsome face sculptures like a piece of art, this decorative accent is so much more than just an ordinary vase and we think it will also make the perfect gift for any interior lover!

We’ve chosen to keep it really simple using our Faux Pom-Pom Stems for an impressive look that is so easy to recreate …. give it a try!

Height: 26cm, Width: 20cm Depth: 9cm

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