Seconds Corner is home to items that we are selling at a reduced price. They have either been returned by customers as unwanted, are simply items due to be discontinued, or there are flaws with the product which means we would not sell them at full price. We have photographed the flaws the best we can but please note that due to the discounts offered these items are NON RETURNABLE.

Everyone has a different view as to what they consider acceptable but we’re particularly fussy.  Rest assured though that all items here are sound in structure, and often in perfect condition, but with a damaged outer box or some may just require a touch of paint and wax or a new pane of glass to bring it back to it’s former glory. It’s certainly worth looking as you may find an absolute bargain!


Seconds Sale Corner

Champagne Gold Pinecone Wreath

£28.00 £12.00
£89.00 £49.00