Jingle-Jingle All the Way! The Top 5 Christmas Decor Trends for 2018

Christmas is one of the largest holidays celebrated around the world: over two billion people observe it in over 160 countries every year.

Christmas decorations vary from country to country, but every year people are spending more money on ornating their homes and holidays in general. People around the world have spent a trillion dollars on Christmas, and according to predictions, that number is likely to go up an additional 4-5% annually.

With the Christmas industry booming, you are only getting more and more options to choose from when it comes to how to decorate your home. Scroll down to learn about the hottest Christmas decor trends for 2018.

Christmas Decor Trends 2018 101: Clean and Simple

Trees are part of life’s natural beauty and a big part of Christmas. If you are going for a clean and beautiful look: try a minimalist attitude with your Christmas decor for 2018.

The pine is so beautiful this time of year that it speaks for itself. You can even add some natural pine garlands, wreaths, twigs and branches to your home for some more flair. Add a few twinkle lights to your pine-sculpture beauties, and you will be good to go.

Having a clean and minimalist look never goes out of style, and it is currently more popular than ever for 2018 Christmas trends.

Christmas En Vogue: Use Colours to Warm-up Your White Christmas

If simplicity is not your style, that is ok. Many people prefer a colour palette that ties in their style preferences to their holiday cheer.

If you are the type to enjoy this look, rest assure that a wide array of trendy and matching colour options can be found in pretty much any store.

Remember when you are choosing a colour palette for your home, that you try to stick with three–no more than four–colours at the most. You can even have a tree that is not the traditional green to fit with your decor. But remember, even when using non-traditional colours: sometimes less is more.

The Traditionalist: A Classic Christmas Look

Red, green, and white are the standard for most Christmas decorations around the world.

However, if you find yourself at a path between having to choose traditional Christmas choices and the current Christmas trends: fear not! With the array of decorations they currently have on the market, you can satisfy both these cravings.

For example, tree toppers date back hundreds of years. If you want one that is traditional, but still looks contemporary: try one of the 3D star tree toppers. They have clean lines, make a homage to the traditional aspects of the holiday, but also look contemporary.

One word of caution to contemporary Christmas traditionalist: it can be easier to find things for your tastes, and thus, easier to buy too many decorations. Interior designers recommend avoiding the clutter, even on the holidays.

Make Christmas Yours

Whether you are decorating your flat or a six-bedroom home for the upcoming Christmas season, the most important thing to remember is making the holiday yours. With all of the Christmas decor trends in 2018, it’ll be easy to find something you love, and something your whole family will enjoy.

Do you have questions, comments, or brilliant Christmas decor ideas that you want to share with our blog? We would love to hear them all! Please feel free to contact us!

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