Trends In Home Lighting You Should Know About

Lighting is one of the seven most important elements of interior design.

When done right, lighting sets the mood and ambiance of a room. When decorating your home, it’s important to keep up to date with the newest styles and designs.

Read below to discover the top trends in home lighting you should know about.

Pendant Lights

A pendant light consists of one light fixture that hangs from your ceiling with help from a chain or cord. You can use one pendant light as a focal point of a room. Some people also line up several pendant lights above a kitchen island or table.

These are popular because they double as decor but are smaller than chandeliers. They also help save on floor space, unlike floor lamps.

They come in a variety of finishes including brass, enable, copper, and nickel. You’re bound to find a style that fits your decor. View all the styles of pendant lights we have to offer, here.

Exposed Bulbs

Exposed bulbs are a mid-century element that is making its way back into homes. Exposed bulbs allow light fixtures to remain modern. These are not likely to go out of style any time soon so you’re safe using them in your decor.

The key to using exposed bulbs is using bulbs that are attractive. The most popular options are Edison bulbs and white globes.

Edison bulbs replicate the 20th-century lightbulbs made by Edison Electric Light Company. Thier internal filaments have long and complicated windings, making them a conversation piece. They give off a soft, yellow glow and change the mood of your room.

White globes give off a bright white light. These are much more attractive than the alternative LED lightbulbs. Most people will not realize they are looking at the actual lightbulb and not a light fixture.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are perfect for the young at heart looking for a whimsical decor. While these lights usually are outside, they make great home lighting. Indoors, they are most often found as bedroom light fixtures.

They give off a warm, inviting light. They come in a variety of styles featuring exposed bulbs, poms, and Moroccan glass.

Not sure which style will best fit your home? Look here for a variety of fairy light styles.

Sputnik Chandelier

Sputnik chandeliers will leave your guests in awe of this light fixture. Sputnik Chandeliers get their name from Earth’s first artificial satellite. They provide an out of this world vibe right in your own home.

These mid-century light fixtures have several arms. Each of these arms extends to support a single light bulb.

Kick up your home decor by pairing a sputnik chandelier with medium-toned woods and pops of color. For a modern look, try a fixture with aged brass or warm bronze. If you’re aiming to impress, place the light fixture near a mirror to show it off.

Beyond Home Lighting

Once you’ve conquered your home lighting, address the other elements of interior design. These include space, line, forms, color, texture, and pattern.

For help with these projects, contact the experts at Primrose & Plum.

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