4 Great Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

A home seemingly never provides enough space; no matter the size, clutter seems to find a way in! People living in small homes and flats find this especially true.

Here are 5 marvelous storage ideas for small spaces to help eliminate the clutter!

1. Utilize Wall Space

Think Functionally! Functional art is artwork that also provides a practical use. Meaning, you can make anything you wish artsy!

For instance, place a hanging rack onto an open wall to display your bicycle rather than stumbling over it each time you enter your flat. Also, place a stylish noticeboard on the wall to show off the shambles of holiday cards you receive.

Or, hang decorative shelves directly onto the wall to display regular items, like your collection of shoes in the bedroom or your child’s toys in the nursery. This also makes perfect book storage for small spaces.

In the kitchen, you can utilize the wall space in this way as well if you run out of cupboard space. Buy fancy spice jars to store your herbs and use mason jars to put cereal, flour, or rice into, so it looks decorative on the shelving.

2. Lofty Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Loft beds utilize wide open space that most people never think to use, leaving almost an entire room for everything else. The typical bed measures 92 cm x 187 cm. You can use that extra space beneath the bed to keep your chest of drawers or to create a wicked little office space!

This also offers one of the best book storage ideas for small spaces! You can keep a short bookcase beneath the bed with a small clip-on lamp and little, comfortable armchair to create a brilliant escape from everyday life.

Utilize this same idea with tables and buy a console table with open storage space beneath. This provides perfect storage for small spaces!

3. Think Inside the Box

By multifunctional units, like a storage bench. You leave a place for guests to take a seat, while inside you can store coats, hats, and trainers! Placing little storage boxes inside the bench will help keep it organized so you can easily find the items you need.

Your luggage creates storage space as well! Instead of allowing it to take up more space, put it to good use by packing it with storage items.

Also, buy sofas that pull out into beds for guests, and find an ottoman with storage inside. Remember, boxes stack, so you can also buy colorful stackers to store your essentials.

4. Take Advantage of Airspace

Hang your items from the ceiling! Here are a few ideas on how to go about this.

Instead of a floor lamp, install hanging pendant lights from above. And rather than livening up the home with a floor plant, buy a hanging plant.

In the kitchen, use hanging baskets for fruits and vegetables to save counter space. Around the rest of your home, hang small hammocks from above to keep items like clothing, powder room essentials, and children’s toys.

Your Home Offers Ample Space

The problem with homes, even small ones, is not that they do not offer enough space, but rather that we do not utilize most of it. Enjoy the room these storage ideas for small spaces offer you.

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