The Secrets to Creating a Cohesive Look in Your Home

When it comes to modern home decor, anything goes–right?

Not exactly. While part of the fun of decorating is having fun and being creative, creating a cohesive look is still a vital component.

The good news is you don’t have to be a professional decorator or a feng shui master to design a beautiful home. All you need are some expert tips for cohesive home design.

In this post, we’ll reveal five crucial elements to creating a cohesive look throughout your home. Read on!

1. Choose Your Focal Point

Like a good book, every room in your home should tell a story. Think of the protagonist of the room as the main focal point, with a “supporting cast” of textures, colours, and patterns.

In your bedroom, this might be an ornate headboard. A chandelier in the foyer is sure to draw the eye, as will a carefully selected rug in your living room.

Once you’ve selected your focal point (and focal piece), you can design the rest of the room around it.

2. It’s Not Just About Colour

To be sure, colour is an important element of creating a cohesive look. Choosing a certain colour (or two) to weave throughout your home will set a mood and tie each room together.

Still, don’t overlook the design potential of neutrals, wood tones, and metal finishes. Remember that each of these has an underlying hue in the colour spectrum. (Cherry wood is red, for example, while pewter might be bluish or violet).

Your goal isn’t to make everything match–otherwise, nothing stands out. Your goal should be to coordinate colours that complement each other well.

3. Choose Single Pieces Over Sets

This may seem like strange advice when talking about cohesiveness, but hear us out.

A mix of well-chosen furniture will create more visual appeal than a set of furniture where everything matches perfectly. Pair antique chairs with a modern dining table, or modern chairs beside a vintage couch.

Repeat this pattern of mixing old with new throughout your home to create a cohesive effect.

4. Don’t Forget Your Windows

An often overlooked but simple way to tie everything in your home together is with the right window dressings.

Curtains or blinds can make a plain window stunning. Remember earlier when we talked about creating a focal point in every room? This is a sure way to accomplish that goal.

5. Let It Evolve Over Time

Our final tip for creating a cohesive look is to let your home decor evolve over time.

It’s tempting to go out and buy every single item you think you need (or want). But a better technique is to let your creativity ebb and flow.

Six months from now, you may be sick of looking at that chair in the corner of the living room. You may find the perfect painting to hang in your bedroom or jazzy new centrepiece for the coffee table.

The point is–allow your home decor to evolve. As time goes by, you can fine-tune it and make each room better and better.

Creating a Cohesive Look: It’s Easy to Do

Creating a cohesive look in your home may seem overwhelming at first.

Armed with these tips, though, you’ll soon be on your way to creating a beautiful and unified home.

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