5 Easy Home Organisation Ideas

Studies have shown that people who make their beds every morning are 20% more likely to get a good night’s sleep.

Being organised has a positive impact on your health and wellness, making a priority for a lot of people. If you’re worried about your home organisation plan, you need to think outside the box to keep things tidier.

Here are 5 tips to help you to organise your home.

1. Reuse Jars

If you and your family eat a lot of salsa, jams, or other foods that come in jars, don’t just toss those jars away. Use them to help organise your cluttered desks, kid’s rooms, or your bathroom. Since they usually come with lids, after you run them both through the dishwasher, they’ll be perfect for storing the little items you collect on your dresser.

Give them to kids to fill up with coins throughout the weeks or months. Once they fill up a few jars, they can bring them all to the bank to cash in what they’ve saved. Teach them about savings with just your spare change and leftover jars.

2. Space Bags

Space bags are one of best commercially available storage solutions in the last few years.

First, you fill up a space bag with clothing and items that you won’t be needing for a few months or years. Then, you hook up a vacuum to suck all of the air out of the bag. What you’re left with is a nearly flat, dense object where once you had a pile of sweaters and shirts.

The space bags can now easily slide under beds or be put on shelves in the attic. Since they’re vacuum sealed, there’s no worry of your items growing mouldy of getting a strange smell.

3. Stackable Crates

Crates that you can stack make an excellent solution for people who move often or like to rearrange their homes. They’re also an aesthetic choice for people who love a more rustic shabby chic look.

Crates are perfectly sized for books, records, and bulky items like sports equipment. Since they fit together, they can be added to or subtracted from as your collection grows or as you get rid of things.

4. Make Organizing Decorative

Your organised items don’t need just to be practical and cold looking. If you hang up a corkboard in your bedroom, you could use it for pins, earrings, and brooches. Rather than just being an ingenious solution, it can also be an aesthetic object.

Organizing can be an element that contributes to your home decor.

5. Repurpose Other Organizers

Your organising tools don’t need to be used in the ways that manufacturers intended. You can organise small objects with pill organisers or fishing kit organisers. A folding fishing box can be a perfect solution for someone with lots of jewellery.

Home Organization Can Be An Aesthetic Task

Just because you’ve made a plan to organise your home doesn’t mean that you’re looking to have a boring looking place to live. Home organisation can help you to unlock your aesthetic.

If you’re curious about what kinds of furniture could fit your newly tidy home, take the time to check out our guide for what you should look for.

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