5 Hot Trends in Home Decor

When it comes to home decor trends, 2018 seems to be the year of the exotic.

Truth be told, this is far from unexpected. As you may recall, last year was all about fancy flamingos, tropical jungle prints, and the colour metallic. Back then, it was hard to imagine that furniture trends could get even quirkier.

Oh, how naive we were. Up to this point, the year 2018 has consistently redefined the term “trendy home decor.” If you want to stay ahead of the curve, here are the freshest trends you should know about.

1. Dark Glam Woods

The Scandinavian trend is on the way out, and furniture is heading to the dark side. In place of pale wood tones, we now have the retro-inspired dark glam woods. This is a sophisticated take on the modern luxe.

This dark look is often combined with retro shapes and metallic handles. For example, many high-street pieces use wishbone-style chairs as a finishing touch.

2. Block Printing

Travelling has always been a major influence on home fashion interiors. This summer, we’re taking notes from India. Many texture patterns you’ll see this season will be inspired by the centuries-old Indian tradition of block printing.

Why is this trending? For one thing, these patterns have an unmistakeably natural feel to them. The earthy shades of clay and terracotta give off a very tactile impression.

3. Colourful Pigments

Though grey hues are still dominating our interiors, things are changing. This season, many of us will be ready to take a step in a bolder direction.

In other words, expect to see more moody colour palettes. Navy, violet and emerald green can all be seen in various types of home decor themes. Remember, these colours look great on both wall and furniture pieces.

4. Artisan Textures

Even disregarding the block printing influence, natural texture is a major trend this season. Materials such as wicker and rattan provide an authentic handmade feel. Plus, textiles are perfect for those raw edges and applique details.

Of course, the fun doesn’t stop there. By playing with different textures and materials, you can create some next-level decoration pieces. This year, our favourite piece of design is probably this stylish drawer chest.

5. Tropical Designs

Yes, tropical is still going strong. Still, the trend has noticeably evolved in recent months. Instead of the bright vibrancy of yesteryear, many brands have started to focus on the energising greens.

This style owes a lot to some of the trends we’ve discussed above. After all, it’s hard to deny that the rich shades of green look great next to dark glam furniture. All you need now is a couple of oversized insects!

More on Home Decor Trends

Want to show off on Pinterest? These five trends will get you started. Remember, most summer collections featuring these designs can already be found online.

Are you still looking for that perfect high-street piece to spruce up your home? You may want to have a peek at our new arrivals! We always keep in touch with the latest home decor trends, and so can you.

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